Month: April 2014

Disfunctional Forum Culture

Forums are one of the most valuable sources of information and knowledge on the internet. They are the embodiment of the internet philosophy where everyone freely shares their knowledge for the benefit of all. But Forums are broken, and here’s how to fix them.



2D Linear Interpolation in Excel

Excel doesn’t have a built in function dedicated to linear interpolation. It’s still possible to do it, but it can be cumbersome. Normally, I would just complain and use the tools provided to muddle through, but I came upon a situation where writing a custom function was less work than creating the convoluted monster of standard excel functions required to do what I wanted to do, 2D linear interpolation.  Introducing LInterpolate…

Inflation, Deflation, and Guns

I grew up being taught that Inflation is bad and deflation is even worse. This was because the people I viewed as teachers just repeated the common “wisdom” of the time. If I could make those quotes more sarcastic, I would, because I’ve come to realize that what I was taught was only a half truth. And half truths are the worst kind of lies.