Feedback for Lenovo and Everyone Else too

Lenovo made the mistake of asking me “What could we have done better today.” It turns out I have opinions on this, but it isn’t just what Lenovo could do better, it’s what everyone could do better. Lenovo just lit the fuse that blew my dam.  What came out wouldn’t fit in their 1,000 character or less text box. I copy the entire thing for you and Lenovo and everyone else below.

There’s a lot of misinformation about whether or not the Y40 has a backlit keyboard. This press releaase says only the Y50 has it as an option. On the website itself, under “Features” it says “Choose a model with a backlit keyboard for easy typing in low-light environments,” implying that not all Y40 keyboards are backlit. The service rep told me every Y40 keyboard is backlit. So which is it? I’m inclined to trust the Rep, but only because I want so badly for it to be true. I’m still hesitant to buy. If you’d had your website information clear and consistent, you’d have had another sale today.

Also, everyone stop making full size laptops with any resolution less than 1920×1080. 1024×768 is no longer an acceptable resolution, and 1600×900 is only acceptable on sub 13-inchers. 10 years ago I had a laptop with 1680×1050 resolution (Asus Z71V). Why is it so hard to find something comparable to that now?

Also, 14-inches is the goal for power & portability. I’m not talking about diagonal screen size. I’m talking about the width of the whole machine. the Macbook Pro 15″ is barely over 14″ wide. These 15″ wide chassis get cumbersome and any bag designed to carry them is even more cumbersome. 10 years ago I had a laptop with a 15.4″ 16:10 widescreen in a chassis only 14.0″ wide (again Asus Z71V). I refuse to believe you can’t do better than that now. Squeeze a 15.6″ screen into a sexy slim sub-14″ width chassis and the press will collectively lose their shit! Otherwise, just make more 14″ diagonal screen laptops. Fit the 14″ screen into what you used to put a 13.3″ screen. My cell phone display extends to within 3mm of the edge of the device. Push some boundaries, dammit!

I know you must think I’m crazy to tell you how to do your business, or to even think you’ll read this. But I’m a customer and I’m telling you what I want. I can’t possibly be the only one that wants a bigger screen in a smaller package.

Also why don’t you have a “gaming” laptop with a touchscreen? Do you think Gamers do nothing else with their machines and therefore have no need for a touchscreen? I’m sure you’re already working on it.

One last thing, everyone loves the Macbook Pro, or loves to hate it. But those that hate it, hate for the same reason people hate Ferraris or Harley Davidsons. They would buy one in a heartbeat if only it didn’t have that expensive logo on it. Make a line of laptops specifically designed to match or beat the Macbook Pros on every dimension, then charge $100-$200 less. Every customer that wants a MBP but has to run windows (practically everyone) would be a Lenovo customer. I exaggerate, but the “I want a Mac but don’t want to overpay and switch to a new OS” conundrum is not a particularly uncommon one. Make “Lenovo Killer” a phrase that people throw around on the forums.

I’m done now. Oh, that’s not what you had in mind when you asked what you could have done better? Well, just forget it then.


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